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Use SNOW in your Home Decor!

We all know what happens when snow tries to come inside (flashback to Frosty the Snowman’s tragic meltdown moment).

While real snow isn’t exactly a feasible interior décor option, - (we don’t even like going OUT in it!)...

Faux Glowing Snowballs can go anywhere – even the warmest and coziest of living spaces!

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Shop through these links to help raise money for monthly donations):

First, remove the hanger from the ornaments.

Spray the frosting spray all over the surface.

Once the frosting spray has fully dried, apply the spray adhesive.

Carefully roll the ornament over the Epsom salt to coat the surface.

Respray and recoat as needed until the surface is covered by the salt and allow to fully dry.

Insert the fairy lights into the opening of the ornaments – one strand of fairy lights can be used in multiple snowballs.

Arrange with evergreen branches or other natural elements.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below. This video and the entire channel also benefit no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Watch, like, share, and subscribe to help raise monthly donations.

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