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Want to know how I've secured expert features in national publications so you can replicate the process?  Or, how did I get almost a million and a half views on my YouTube videos?  Interested in voice acting and want to learn where to start?  And what about setting up a home studio on a tight budget

I'd be happy to teach you!  Here are just a few testimonials from others who've already worked with me:     

"Vicki's knowledge of, and experience in, effective communication puts her firmly at the top of the class.  [She] delivers unmatched results with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism."

Robert R., 

Business Owner

"Vicki is a multi-talented performer, creator, and VO. But what makes her even more extraordinary is her kind, authentic and generous nature. She openly shares her depth of knowledge and you can count on her to provide helpful feedback and support."

Gelene S.,

Voice Actor

"After our call yesterday, I took your advice and I sent out my updated marketing announcement.  This morning, low and behold, I already have interest! Thanks for the great advice! I’ll let you know how things progress."

Mark A.,

Post-Production Specialist

She is energetic and great to work with.  I highly recommend Vicki Liston. 

Kim W.,

Line Producer


Features in National Publications

One-hour Skype consultation - $123.83 

- Getting an interview in national publications establishes street cred as an expert that serves to drive traffic to your business.  I’ve been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, MSN, Forbes, Family Handyman Magazine, House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, The Washington Post, The Spruce, Best Life,, and many, many, more…even my co-host rescue dog has been highlighted in Fetch Magazine! - 

In this hour-long consultation, I teach you my process for getting into national publications so your name is out there in front of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people as a trusted authority in your field.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Increase Views & Exposure

One-hour Skype consultation - $123.83

- Have a project that needs views and exposure?  Initially, my YouTube channel didn’t get a lot of views until I implemented a new strategy.  My fourth video then went viral, my channel monetized, and I started making Adsense income from my videos. -


In this hour-long consultation, I teach you exactly what I did to make this happen as well as my lessons learned so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee


*Beginner Options* 
 (New to voice over? Start here) 

Voice Over 101 - Intro to the Industry

One-hour Skype consultation - $53.39

 - My one-hour 101 consultation covers the realities of the industry (the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly), surprising myths, the various niches to consider, and more. -


Using the same program I developed and taught at St. Louis Community College, I condensed my four-hour course into manageable lessons with the most valuable and essential information to help you get started now.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Voice Over 102 - Freelance vs Agent

One-hour Skype consultation - $53.39

- A continuation of Voice Over 101 and the same program I developed at St. Louis Community College, this one-hour consultation addresses if and when to seek representation. - 


We’ll go over the differences between operating as a freelance VO and being represented by an agent, how much agents charge, the difference between an agent and a manager, and how you can bulk up your resume when you’re starting your career.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Voice Over 103 - Script Analysis Basics

One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- A continuation of Voice Over 102, the next step in the program.  This one-hour consultation focuses on the basics of script analysis. -


I'll teach you how to break down a script, marking the copy (and why it’s crucial to performance), voice ‘personalities’, and more.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Voice Over 104 - Studio Set-Up

One-hour Skype consultation - $101.10

- A continuation of Voice Over 103, this one-hour consultation goes over the basics of a VO studio. -

We'll discuss the equipment you’ll need to get started as well as sound dampening, and best set-up practices for almost any budget. 

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Voice Over 101 - 104 Discount Package

Four One-hour Skype consultations - $261.82

Want all four VO 101 through 104 consultations at a discounted rate?  Purchase all four at once and save 10%.  

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

* Intermediate Options* 
(Already know the basics, have a demo, and auditioning? Start here)  

Voice Acting Technique (Coaching)

One-hour Skype consultations

- You’ve gone through Voice Over 101-104 and are ready to develop your vocal strengths.  We take what you’ve learned so far and go much, MUCH deeper. - 

In each session, you’ll learn acting fundamentals, conduct a detailed technical dive on a script, and practice multiple voicing characterizations.  Available as a singular, 'pay as you go' consultation or a discounted "package" rate.  

1 session


3 sessions

$255.60 - save 5%!

5 sessions

$404.41 - save 10%!

Prices include state sales tax and transaction fee

Auditions: Put your Best Voice Forward

One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- How can you stand out in a sea of sound files?  Is your audition in danger of ending up in the trash before it's even played?  (Hint - yes!).  How can you give yourself the best chance of being considered for the gig? -


In this one-hour consultation, you'll learn what I've done over the years to best position my auditions in front of agents, casting directors, and other voice seekers as well as how I've gotten them to remember me (even when I didn't book the job).

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

The Traveling Voice Actor

One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- You don’t have to miss out on auditions or work just because you’re traveling.  One of the great things about voice over is that as long as you've got the right equipment, a good internet connection, and a dampened space, you can keep working!


In this one-hour consultation, we’ll get you prepped to travel (without packing your entire studio) and prepared to work in temporary surroundings so you can voice from anywhere

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

* Advanced Options* 
(Have a home studio and several paid gigs on your resume?  Start here) 

Approach a Talent Agent

One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- I am repped by five talent agents who constantly send me auditions and book me work…but I learned the hard way about when and how to approach them. -


If you’re ready to take your career from ‘freelance’ to ‘represented by’, this one-hour consultation will teach you about typical agency expectations, contracts, and exclusivity and prepare you to approach an agent.

Note:  This consultation is not for beginners.  Please have multiple paid voice jobs on your resume first.  This consultation does not guarantee representation with any agency.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee


One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- Awards give you street cred, make you more memorable to voice seekers, agents, and managers, and provide a tangible representation of all your hard work.  But how do you go about submitting (and hopefully, winning) one? -


In this one-hour consultation, we go through the "when, why, and how" of my process for researching, submitting, and ultimately, racking up nominations and awards.

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee


Miscellaneous Brain Picking

One-hour Skype consultation - $89.74

- My most requested service!  Is there something you've heard me talk about in a networking event, social media, or in-person and you want to know more? -


If it doesn't otherwise fit in one of the above categories, I'll answer as much as possible for up to one hour!

Price includes state sales tax and transaction fee

Once you've completed your purchase, I'll contact you (using the same email address from the payment page) to schedule your appointment.  

Note:  You can generally expect a response within two hours after your payment has been processed, depending on the day's production schedule.

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