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'On The Fly...DIY' generates a portion of its proceeds to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. 
Here's how you can help raise money for future donations:

Watch, like, share, and subscribe to 'On The Fly...DIY' on YouTube.  
*  Use the affiliate links in the YouTube video descriptions and the 'On The Fly...DIY' blog page of this website to do your Amazon shopping for project materials.    
* Sign up for Amazon Prime here: 

Use this link to do your Amazon shopping.  Like the individual affiliate links, shopping through this link will earn money with every order placed:  

Pound Pals Nooterville in St. Louis, MO is one of Vicki's favorites for donations.  They are extremely underserved and 100% of all donations go to the animals (how many non-profits can say that?!)  Please consider donating to Pound Pals Nooterville and watch video below:

supports me! 
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