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Pumpkin Putka Pod Light

Have you seen putka pods yet? These dried fruit pods look like tiny little pumpkins and are trending in fall home décor this year.

Sure, you could use them as filler in vases or candle holders but that’s what’s everyone else is doing with them. Instead, make this glowy Pumpkin Putka Pod Light with a thrift store fixture and some hot glue.

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Please use the links for your Amazon shopping to help raise the funds for these donations ❤ )

* Putka pods – lots of them!

* Globe light fixture - I found mine at a thrift store but I've included a link on where to purchase new, if needed.

* LED bulb – ensure you use an LED bulb so the globe doesn’t heat up. I’m using this flaming effect bulb for a candlelight effect.

Start by hot gluing a row of putka pods along the bottom of the globe. Leave the base of the fixture attached so you don’t glue too low on the globe.

Continue gluing pods next to each other as you work your way up. There will be gaps between the pods and that’s ok for now.

When you get close to the top of the globe, glue three cinnamon sticks together and tie with the twine.

Glue to the very top of the globe.

Then finish gluing the first layer of pods right up to the sticks.

Start gluing a second layer of pods, positioning them so they cover up the gaps in the first layer.

Continue gluing until your entire light has a second layer of pods.

Remove the base of the light fixture and stuff a bit of a paper towel into the socket.

Spray paint over a drop cloth. I’m using Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Copper. Allow to fully dry.

Bailey and I are not certified electricians! While I’m showing our process for assembling these lights, please contact a professional electrician if you have any questions or concerns.

Cut the receptacle end of the extension cord off with the cutter part of the wire stripper.

Cut the center and pull to separate the two sides.

Strip each end to expose a little bit of wire.

Look closely at the two separated wires – one is smooth and the other has bumps.

Connect the black wire from the fixture to the smooth side and the white wire from the fixture to the bumpy side. Secure with wire connectors.

Screw the LED bulb into the socket. Then carefully place the globe back on to the base and tighten the screws to secure.

I live in a household with no small children so I can safely tuck the wires inside the base during operation. If you have small children, you can create a bottom base cover out of a piece of wood or a sturdy plastic lid. Hot glue in so the connections are not easily accessible but you can remove it later if needed.

Always operate this light out of reach of little ones.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial here! All proceeds from this channel are also donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Please watch, like, share, and subscribe to help raise the donations ❤

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1 Comment

Johanne Palange
Johanne Palange
Sep 22, 2020

I don't what I like more: your dog, your shoes, or your nifty creative projects? All three, I guess.

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