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From Useless Entertainment Center Tower to Functional Window Seat

You know I love me a flip! Especially when I can take something unloved and collecting dust and turning it into a 'how did I live without this' piece! Enter: one entertainment center tower. Remember those massive rear projection screen TVs that weighed a ton and required a heftier entertainment center to surround it? With the introduction of the sleek, mountable flat screens, these wall-sized furniture sets became the exact opposite of the minimalist look. And trying to sell one of these bad boys on Craigslist or Facebook? Good luck with that! So it's either cart it all to a thrift store for donation (no truck? Again, good luck with that), try to give it away, or let it collect dust in some underused part of your home. Oooooooooor.... turn it into a window seat! The towers are normally pretty sturdy and able to support weight and all that space inside is perfect for storage. You'll need: * One tower * Four metal straight top plates with mounting screws * Four sofa table legs - the short/squat type legs (my tower came with legs so I removed them from the bottom) * Piece of thin plywood to cover top and bottom of tower * Small finishing nails for plywood * Drill with screwdriver bit and drill bit (for pilot holes) * Frosting spray, if your doors have glass * Throw pillows and cushions Lay the tower over on its side with the front side out and back side up against the window wall. If your tower has doors, make sure you lay it on the side where the doors will open from the bottom-up (you don't want your doors falling open from the top-down). Once you know how the tower should lay based on door placement, flip the tower over so the new 'bottom' is facing upwards. Place the metal top plates where the legs will go - all four corners. Drill pilot holes and then screw the plates down into each corner. Screw a leg into the middle of each plate (you might have to drill a shallow hole into the entertainment center if the leg's screw is long). Once all four legs are fitted into the metal plates, flip the tower back over. Cut thin plywood to fit the top and bottom (now the sides) of the tower so these unpretty areas will be covered up. Nail in place with finishing nails. Attach the doors on the entertainment center so they open from the bottom up. My middle door had glass so I used frosting spray to make the glass opaque and keep any clutter inside well hidden. Use throw pillows and cushions on top for a comfy place to sit!

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