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From Coffeetable to Comfy Ottoman

Sometimes I inherit furniture via the, "Hey! I grabbed this for you because I figured you could do something with it" route. Enter: dated coffee table. It's solid and built well but it's just...ugh. Flipping it into a cushy ottoman is quick project, the longest step being the wait for the painted legs to dry!


Supply List - (I've added some affiliate links for your shopping convenience):

* A coffee table (find a similar one HERE on Amazon)

* Fabric

* Paint for the legs

If the legs are removable, take them off and paint them first. Otherwise, paint the legs and let dry thoroughly before beginning to assemble the ottoman.

Cut the cushion foam and the cushion wrap to size. You'll want enough to overlap the edge and sides.

Center and attach to the underside of the table with a staple gun. Pull slightly to keep the cushion wrap from being too lose. I also used the hot glue gun to ensure the cushion wrap stayed tight around the corners. Trim off any excess.

Next, lay the fabric on top of the cushion, pull snug, and staple down. If the fabric has a pattern, flip the table over first to ensure the pattern is laying correctly and tack down on each side. Once tacked, it will be easier to flip back over and finish stapling all the way around.

I found an overlap fold to be the simplest/easiest way to handle the fabric around each corner.

To finish off underneath, trim any excess fabric, fold the excess flap under itself, and secure it with hot glue.

Prop up your feet and call it a day :)

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