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Antique Dresser Flip Part Two: Tiered Drawer Organizer

The Tiered Buffet turned out fabulous - my friend loved it! I still had three smaller drawers remaining from the original dresser that were actually in good shape and I figured creating a similar version of the buffet would tie the two pieces together. The smaller drawers can be easily placed on top of the Tiered Buffet for impact or use elsewhere for pretty storage or displaying!

You'll need:

* 8 pieces of wood 1x1s or similar size; mine are cut to 8.5" each

* 4 finials

* 3 drawers

* 20 screws; mine are 2" screws

* 4 washers for top drawer screw heads

* Paint, if desired.

* Drill with bit to make pilot holes and to drive screws

Use each of the 1x1 pieces in the corners of one level of drawers and in the front/back/sides of the other level - this way, each 1x1 can be fully anchored with a screw.

Drill pilot holes in each spot of the drawers and in the 1x1s to keep the wood from splitting.

I used washers in the top layer to ensure the screws didn't add stress to the drawer bottom.

Place a finial in each corner underneath the bottom drawer and drive the screw from above to secure.

A little paint on the wood pieces and finials so they match the drawers and it's ready to use!

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