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Light Fixture Planter

Springtime means fresh (or fake!) flowers and fun greenery arrangements! If you’re wanting something a little more unique and artsy than the typical planter pot, upcycle an old flush mount ceiling fixture for your arrangements.

You’ll need:

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture – I found this old, gross one at a thrift store. It even came with a free dead bug!

Spray paint and a drop cloth

Glass cleaner

Potting soil – if you are using real plants

Chicken wire or other wire mesh, rocks, or gravel – if you are creating a silk or other fake plant arrangement.

Note – please don’t use that green floral foam. I recently learned that it contains the same amount of plastic as TEN shopping bags, is NOT biodegradable or recyclable, and is actually contributing to the pollution problem. It’s also toxic to people and pets and contains some pretty bad chemicals. Yikes!

First, disassemble the fixture. You’ll want the glass light cover for this project only. Save the rest of the fixture for another project.

Clean the glass thoroughly, inside and out.

Spray paint the glass over a drop cloth. I’m using Rust-Oleum’s Rustic Pink for a fresh springy color.

Depending on whether you’re using real or fake plants, add the appropriate items - potting soil or chicken wire, other wire mesh, or rocks...

and arrange your plants.

Decorate and accessorize as desired or let the planter’s funkiness shine on its own!

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