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Harvest Moon Light

The moon is timeless, mysterious, and beautiful. So why not capture a bit of its essence and incorporate it into your home décor? This glow-y Harvest Moon Light not only makes for a howling addition to your fall and Halloween vibe but it also brings a dreamy, soothing luminosity to a nursery or bedroom.

You’ll need (affiliate link proceeds are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations):

* A piece of cardboard for painting

* Globe light fixture – you’ll want to get something you can easily get your hand inside of.

* Something to act as a base – this pillar candle holder fits the 4 inch light fixture opening and will hold the globe in place while hiding the bottom (affiliate link opens to something similar as I found mine at a thrift store).

* Fairy lights, if you can get them off of your favorite imp.

First, wet the sea sponge and squeeze out the excess water.

Add some paint onto the cardboard and dab it with the sponge. Press it onto the cardboard multiple times to get rid of the excess.

Insert the sponge into the globe and press it onto the interior surface. Continue pressing in different places until the sponge is out of paint. Reload as needed and continue until the entire surface of the inside of the globe is covered in a sponged texture.

Ensure that the paint is applied in random patterns and create some areas that are painted heavier than others. The surface of the moon is uneven and has both darker and lighter spots so the globe should, too.

Once the paint has fully dried, insert the fairy lights into the globe.

Place the globe opening down onto the base piece.

Turn the fairy lights on and enjoy!

Watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial here! The proceeds from this video (and the entire channel) are also donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Please watch, like, share, and subscribe to help raise funds for donations ❤

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1 Comment

Johanne Palange
Johanne Palange
Jan 15, 2021

Pretty and easy. Well explained and well done. I'm glad you let your dog help out.

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