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Barrel Band Orb

Barrel band orbs are strong spherical elements that can hold their own as décor pieces or as part of another display. Real ones are heavy, expensive, and aren’t always available in smaller sizes.

This faux version creates the same look with embroidery hoops and is much lighter, more cost-effective, and can be created in almost any size.

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds are all donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Shopping through these links help raise these donations at no extra cost to you - thank you! ❤ )

3 sets of embroidery hoops – these should all be the same size.

A drill and a pilot hole bit, a small flat blade screwdriver, square mesh wire cloth, wire snips, and small machine screws and nuts. The machine screws should be the same width as the pilot hole bit. You’ll need 6 that are a quarter inch long, two that are half an inch long, and two that are 5/8th inches long.

You’ll also need metallic Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint and a drop cloth

First, separate all of the hoop sets.

Using only the inner hoops from each set, position so you have one vertical hoop and two that criss-cross over the vertical one. The three hoops should meet at two places on the orb.

Drill pilot holes at the two points where the hoops meet. Run a half inch machine screw through each hole and secure in place with a nut.

Add one of the outer hoops to make the 4th loop. This should sit perpendicular to the triad’s vertical one. Tighten the hoop to keep in place.

Add another outer hoop so that it crosses at an angle with the previous one.

Add the final outer hoop so that it crosses the previous two.

Drill pilot holes at the two points where four of the hoops meet. Run a 5/8 inch machine screw through each hole and secure in place with a nut.

Remove the tightening mechanism from the outer hoops by using a small flat blade screwdriver to carefully pry it off.

With the tightening mechanism off, the outer hoops look more like barrel bands but it will also leave a gap. I wanted a mending plate long enough that I wouldn’t be trying to mend the orb at the damaged spots but also needed something to work with the curve of the hoops and look rustic. I settled on square mesh wire cloth for the fix.

Cut a piece of the mesh wire cloth so that it’s longer than the damaged area and is the same width as your hoop.

Drill a pilot hole through the hoop on one end of the mend and secure in place with a quarter inch long machine screw and nut.

Pull a little tight and drill a hole at the other end. Finish the mend with another quarter inch screw and nut.

Do this on all three outer hoops.

Spray paint the orb over a drop cloth. I’m using Rust-Oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze as it gives it the perfect metallic finish to look like barrel bands. The dark color will also help the mends blend in with the hoops so they don’t stand out.

Once dry, display as a stand-alone piece…

or work in with another project!

Here's the easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorial. All proceeds from the video and this channel are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations so please watch, like, subscribe, and share to help raise these donations! ❤

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