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Solar 'Shrooms

These cute little fungi can illuminate paths or add a little light to flower pots.

You’ll need:

Solar lights with flat tops

Glass light shade – you can find these at thrift stores for cheap!

A drop cloth, frosted glass spray, and a spray paint color – I’m using Summer Squash

Glass cleaner and paper towels

First, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the shades with glass cleaner and paper towels.

Remove all stickers from the solar lights, take them apart so you separate the light from the base. Assemble the base so the ground spike is out.

Spray the inside of the glass with the frosted glass spray. This dries pretty quickly and you can recoat per the directions.

Spray paint the base and spike with the spray paint. Allow each side to fully dry before rolling over to spray the other side.

Reassemble the solar lights.

The shade will fit down over the solar light.

The hole at the top of the shade will allow sunlight to hit the panel and the light glows with the help of the frosting spray.

Place where the solar panel will have direct sun for part of the day so they can charge. These work great along a path...

... in flower pots...

...or to light important yard structure, like trees.

And enjoy the lighting at dusk!

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