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Puffy Fluffy Coffee Filter Wreath

A little hot glue and some coffee filters make for an easy, puffy, carnation-esque wreath! Leave white or customize with a punch of color to match your décor or an upcoming holiday.

You'll need:

* Coffee filters

* Hot glue gun and glue sticks

* Wreath base - I'm using vine-y wreath left over from my fall decorating but you can use anything with the same shape, like a pool noodle.

* Pencil

* Spray paint

First, use the eraser end of the pencil to create a cone and 'point' at the center of one coffee filter.

Add a dab of hot glue to the 'point' and then, still using the pencil, press the hot glued point down onto the wreath base. Your fingers will appreciate staying far away from the hot glue end :)

Continue gluing each subsequent coffee filter down in a line. I started along the top/rear of the wreath base. Don't go too far back, though - you want your wreath to sit flat against the wall/door/whatever surface you hang it on later.

Once you have the outer/back layer glued down, start the next layer next to the previous layer. Your coffee filters should be snug against each other to create that carnation-y, rumpled petal look.

Continue adding layer after layer. That base doesn't look very thick but I was able to get several layers across and then angle the inner coffee filters inward to create that little hole in the middle.

So pretty and it *could* be done at this point, if you wanted a white/off-white wreath. But I wanted to add some color to mine...

Place the wreath in a well-ventilated or outdoor spot and elevated a bit from the ground. I used an extra shipping box. Using spray paint and holding the can about 3 feet from the wreath, spritz the paint on almost as if you are trying to get overspray only on it (don't spray too close or directly). I did sweeping motions over the top and sides as I wanted to color the tips of the coffee filters but allow the white inside to still come through.

It almost looks like I dyed the edges of the coffee filters. I love that it looks like it's red in some places and almost pink in others and all while the white is within the petals.

Once the paint has dried, hang up and enjoy! I used a simple ribbon to loop around once and secure on the back of my front door.

I have a glass storm door so the wreath will be protected by the elements (ie. this is not an outdoor wreath :)

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