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Paw Print Picture

Fur baby paw prints. Do I have to say anything more? Many pet parents have used ink and paper to make these prints. But if you’ve done this already, you know how much of a pain it is to get all that ink off of toe beans and hair! My version is more detailed and much cleaner!

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds are ALL donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations: ❤

First, set your scanner to scan in ‘grayscale’ and on the highest dpi setting. Mine is 1200 dpi.

Open the scanner bed and position your best friend’s paws in the middle. Note that their full weight should NOT be put onto the scanner. It will either malfunction or worse, break. Bailey is a whopping 70 pounds and is an exceptionally good sport. I’m supporting his weight and there’s only enough pressure on the scanner bed for full contact with his paws.

Start the scan and hold still until your scan is complete.

I love how the high dpi gets all the sweet little details, like the fur between his toes and texture of his pads.

For an even sweeter, duo paws and hands picture, have a helper hold the paws in place while you position your hands on either side of your best friend’s paws.

Once you’re happy with the scan, feed the paper into the paper tray and print.

Take the frame apart.

Add double stick tape to the back of the paper in the corners.

Center the paper and press the tape in place in the middle of the frame’s backing. Put the frame back together…and display.

Watch the easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorial below. All proceeds from this video (and the entire channel) are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Watch, like, share, and subscribe to help raise these monthly donations for animals ❤

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