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Make a Fidget Bracelet

These cute, wearable fidget bracelets are perfect for on-the-go kids (and adults).

You'll need:

* 5 nuts

* 550 cord/paracord - the length of the 550 cord depends on the wrist size. It's always better to have a length of cord longer than needed because you can always cut back later. My rule of thumb for making these is to measure around the widest part of your hand, add 3 inches, then double that number. That way, I have plenty of room to get the bracelet over my hand and also to make the loop and the knot. And if it turns out to be a little too long, I can easily adjust by cutting it down a bit.

First, fold your 550 cord in half and make a knot near the middle, leaving a loop.

Pull each end through a nut going in opposite directions and then pull through.

Pull until the nut is at the top and sits next to your first knot.

Do the same thing for nut #2.

And nut #3...

And nut #4? You guessed it! Same thing!

Drumroll...yes, the same thing for nut #5!

Once all five nuts are on the paracord, make a knot at the other end.

Push the knot end through the loop end to secure as a bracelet.

Now it's ready to wear!

Push and pull the nuts back and forth to fidget.

My step-daughter LOOOOOVES fidget toys and wears this one almost daily!

Happy fidgeting!

Here's a quick video on how to make the fidget bracelet:

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Rebecca Aadalen
Rebecca Aadalen

What size nuts do you use?

Rebecca Aadalen
Rebecca Aadalen

What size and type?

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