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Hydro Dipping!

Spray paint’s pretty straight forward, right? You spray and it paints. Apply it directly to an item and you get a solid coat of color. Apply several colors to the surface of water first and you get a gorgeous marbled pattern. This technique is called hydro dipping.

You’ll need (affiliate link proceeds are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Thank you for shopping through these links to help me raise funds for these donations! ❤ ):

* A large plastic container – this should be deep enough for you to fully submerge the item you want to marble.

* Protective gloves

* Several spray paint colors – I’m using Rust-Oleum’s Heirloom White, metallic Aged Copper, Rustic Pink, metallic Turquoise, and Solstice Blue.

* Clear coat protective spray

* A drop cloth

* You may also need painter’s tape

First, fill the container with water.

Spray each paint color onto the surface of the water in random places. Do this fairly quickly – you can spray two colors at a time to go even faster. Start dipping immediately as you don’t want the paint to dry on the water’s surface.

For flat items, gently dip straight down into the water until it’s fully submerged.

If you do not want the back painted, use one hand to move the floating paint away so you can bring the item back out without coming into contact with more paint.

For rounded surfaces, roll and move the item across the water so that it continues to be in contact with the paint as you slowly submerge it.

If you want the back of the item painted as well, move it under the water until it is underneath more paint and then bring it back up.

If there is any surface of your item that you absolutely don’t want painted, cover that area with painter’s tape before dipping.

Once your items have fully dried, apply two coats of the clear coat protective spray over a drop cloth.

Allow the clear coat to dry according to the directions before removing the painter's tape (if applicable)...

...and display!

Watch the step-by-step tutorial here! Proceeds earned from my YouTube channel are also all donated to no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Please watch, like, subscribe, and share!

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Jul 04, 2020

My sister just tried this on a flower vase. It turned out beautiful.


Johanne Palange
Johanne Palange
Jun 28, 2020

You're the girl who owns no flats! I love the pics of the pooch examining the jar. You make this technique seem easy and do-able. Thanx for the inspiration.

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