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How to Drill a Hole in Glass

I’ve received lots of requests for a video on drilling into glass so let’s do one! This technique will work on bottles, like wine and olive oil, vases, and tile.

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds help support no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Do your Amazon shopping through these links to help raise monthly donations ❤ ):

Diamond bits come in different sizes so make sure you chose the right size for your particular project before drilling.

Running water – I’m using my kitchen sink for this. You’ll need enough room so the water can run over the spot where you’ll be making the hole.

A glass item – I’ll be making a hole in this glass light fixture cover

First, wear those safety glasses!! 😁

Run a gentle stream of water on the spot where you’ll be drilling. Beginning at an angle, start the drill and carefully hold it steady as it starts to create a divot.

Once you have a bit of a divot, slowly straighten the angle out until you are drilling straight into the glass.

Go slow, don’t apply too much pressure, and let the drill do the work. The water keeps the temperature down so the glass doesn’t crack. I highly recommend using a cordless drill so you aren’t plugged into an electrical outlet while working with water. Also be careful not to get water on the drill itself. The bit will be fine but the drill should not be subjected to the water.

Once through, rinse the glass and ensure that the glass plug you just drilled out does not go down the drain!

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below:

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