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Geometric Plant Hanger

Working plants into your home décor as a ‘living element’ is still trending. If you’ve already made my Upside Down Planter and want more, here’s a fun way to add succulents or air plants while upcycling plastic straws to keep them out of landfills and the oceans – a Geometric Plant Hanger.

You’ll need: (proceeds earned from affiliate links are all donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. THANK YOU for doing your shopping through these and helping animals in need!)

* 8 clean plastic straws – these should be straight so if your straws have a bendy section, cut those off first. ( There's an affiliate link here but I'm hoping you clean and reuse your take-out straws!)

First, cut four of the straws in half with the scissors. You should have 4 full length pieces and 8 half length pieces.

Next, cut an 82 inch length of wire and run it through four of the half pieces. Bend each corner 90 degrees so you create a square. Wrap the wire around itself to secure in place.

Run the wire through two of the full length pieces. Secure at the next corner in order to make an Isosceles triangle.

Run the wire inside the next short piece and pull out at the other end.

Add a full length straw. Run the wire around the wire holding the first triangle together so that the straws are now connected at the top.

Add the remaining full length straw to make another isosceles triangle. Wrap the wire around itself at the bottom corner to secure.

Add two half length straws to the wire to make an equilateral triangle. Are you having Geometry flashbacks yet – sorry!

Run the wire through the next section and out again at the other end.

Add another half straw and wrap the wire around the first triangle’s apex to connect.

Add the final half straw to complete the last equilateral triangle.

Remove the candle from the metal cup.

Hot glue the cup inside of the smaller triangles so it sits at the very center.

Time to paint! I’m using Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Copper to give the straws a metallic finish.

Once the paint is dry, place an air plant in the cup or add a little soil to plant a succulent.

Bailey’s always a big help with my projects but I’ll be hanging this out of his reach. Remember that many house plants are poisonous to cats and dogs.

Use fishing line as an almost invisible way to suspend the planter.

Watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial here! My YouTube channel also donates all of its proceeds to no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Please watch, like, share, and subscribe to help me help animals in need!

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