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Faux Stone Finish

Natural textures are trending again this year and stone complements this with its organic tones and rough surfaces.

No, not a real one! We’re going to make a faux version to give almost any ordinary item a stone finish.

You’ll need: (a portion of affiliate link proceeds are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Due to inflation of material prices, proceeds from these links are now used to cover project costs as well as for donations. Despite rising costs and regardless of proceed amounts, I ALWAYS make monthly donations to non-profit animal organizations ❤ )

Salt, water, flour, and coffee grounds. I’m using instant granules.

A vase, planter, or other item you want to recreate as stone. I purchased this great fake plant but I’m not crazy about the plain black planter. The stone finish will give it a gorgeous raw texture.

The ratio for faux stone is 2 parts each of salt, water, and flour to 1 part coffee grounds.

Based on this ratio, I’m using one half cup each of flour and salt...

then mixing in one half cup of water.

Stir into a doughy paste.

Add one quarter cup of coffee grounds and stir.

You can also use your hands to mix everything thoroughly.

The resulting dough is a mixture of dark and light browns and had a great texture.

Use the scraper or your fingers to apply the doughy paste all over the item.

If you use your fingers, you can go back and use the scraper to mash down any lumpy areas in the dough.

Allow to dry for at least one day. Humid environments will extend the dry time while arid environments quicken it. The dough will lighten as it dries.

When there are no more dark patches and the dough has fully dried, spray the stone with clear coat protective spray over a drop cloth.

A matte clear coat will protect the finish while keeping the stone looking realistic.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below:

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