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Halloween Floating Candlesticks

Add a whimsical focal point to your Halloween décor with floating candles! Straight from the pages of your favorite wizarding school books, these faux candles are quick to make and take spooky decorating to new heights. Make one, a few, or a whole bunch – either way, they’ll provide a magical impact. This episode of ‘On The Fly…DIY’ is sponsored in part by Rust-Oleum.

Here’s your supply list (affiliate link proceeds are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations so by purchasing through these links, you help me help animals in need!): * A cardboard tube from a paper towel roll

* Spray paint. I’m using Rust-Oleum’s 2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in gloss black. It covers much quicker than traditional spray paints and dries to the touch in only 20 minutes!

* A piece of paper

* Glue to make the bottom of your candle First, use your hot glue gun to create ‘drips’ around the top outer rim of the cardboard tube.

Work your way around the candle, leaving trails of faux dripping wax. Make sure they aren’t even lengths so you’ll get a more natural wax dripping look. Run some glue around the top inside of the tube as well. Since the tealight is slightly smaller than the tube, this inner glue ring will allow you to place the light snugly inside while not attaching it permanently.

Stand the tube up on end and let the glue cool and set. Leave them alone for 5-10 minutes. Next, spray paint the tube to your desired color. I chose black because it goes well with anything Halloween related and the gloss finish reflects the light better. A long screw driven into a board is a great way to keep your tubes upright while you spray.

Spray paint your paper as well and leave everything to dry. When everything’s dry, use the bottom of the tube as a guide to trace a circle on the paper.

Cut the circle out and glue it to the bottom of the tube.

When you’re ready to use your candle, turn the tealight on and press into the top of the tube. It should fit snugly against the dried glue. If it doesn’t, add more glue around the inner edge and wait for it to cool before placing your tealight inside again.

Tie one end of a length of fishing line to the fake flame of your tealight and use the other end to suspend the candle, making it look like your candle is floating!

If you’ve made multiple candles and you want a more ‘wizard school movie’ look, hang each candle using different lengths of fishing line while keeping them all in a very loose grouping.

Take your Halloween decorating to new heights with floating candles!

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