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Pantry Makeover - Wrap Around Shelves

A deep pantry can provide ample storage but if it's not set up right, it becomes a hindrance to keeping a good inventory on what you actually have. This panty's dark and too-deep wood shelving doesn't allow easy access and the new items added to the front only push and hide the items in the back.

Updating the space with wrap around shelving will allow full viewing of all the pantry's contents and make it easier to keep everything organized!

You'll need: (affiliate link royalties are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations. Your purchases through these links help animals in need - thank you!!)

* Plywood the same width as your pantry shelves (I'm repurposing some of the existing shelving) * 1 1/2" 90 degree 'L' brackets and screws * Mending brackets and screws * Shelf paper * Paint * Miter saw and/or table saw * Drill and bits for pilot holes and screws * Level

* Measuring tape I began by removing the shelving and painting the entire inside of the pantry a light gray. Painting is not a must for this project but it freshened up the space considerably.

One of the two boards from each shelf will go back into place in the pantry. Before returning it, though, cover with shelf paper.

Measure the space between the shelf and the wall on both sides. I'm working with an older home's pantry for this project and the measurements were not the same on the left and right sides. Interestingly, they also weren't the same for each shelf's left and right wrap-around sections. Each shelf's space was slightly different! Always, always measure.

Using the extra piece of wood shelving or additional plywood purchased, cut the wood with the table or miter saw to size.

Add shelf paper to these pieces so they match the existing shelving.

Secure the wrap-around piece to the wall with L brackets, using the level to ensure everything is straight.

Use a mending plate to connect the wrap-around piece to the existing shelf. Attach underneath to hide the mending plate on the lower shelves...

...and on top of the shelf to hide it from view on the upper shelves.

Continue doing this for all shelves on the left and right sides of the pantry.

Restock and organize!

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