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Personalized Wooden Tool Handle

This is a fun 'gift from a child' idea! It's something simple, easy, inexpensive, and if the kid can wield a marker, they can be involved in the process. Not only is this a practical and useful gift - a tool - but it serves as a keepsake for many years to come.

This is also a great way to add funny/punny custom phrases, identifying marks, or cool patterns to tool handles, whether you are keeping them for yourself or giving them away as gifts. You'll need: (affiliate link below. These royalties are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations)

* A tool with a wooden handle - I'm using a hammer * Sharpie marker * Dremel with etching bit * Safety glasses * Paint First, have the child write their message out with the Sharpie marker on the handle. I'm helping my little friend with a gift for her dad.

With the safety glasses on (and the child far out of reach), use the Dremel and etching bit to carefully trace the marker. There should be no marker remaining on the handle when finished. Wipe clean to remove any sawdust.

Have the child dip their finger in a little paint and rub over the etching, making sure the paint gets down into all of the places etched.

Wipe the surface to remove the excess paint. The paint should remain in all of the etched letters but the rest of the surface should be clean.

Allow to dry then wrap and give! My little friend's dad LOVES that her seven year old handwriting is 'immortalized' in something he will use over and over again.

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