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Want to see your favorite no-kill animal shelter get a $150 donation???

​Do you have a favorite no-kill animal shelter in the ​greater ​STL area? Want to see them get a $150 donation??

​My YouTube channel, ​‘On The Fly...DIY’ is award-winning! I entered the Creator Studio’s Can Made Pride Challenge and won in the ‘Most Professionally Produced’ category! They are sending me a $150 gift card to Menard’s and I’d LOVE to donate it all to your favorite shelter!

Menard’s carries dog, cat, and other animal foods, blankets, towels, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies - tons of things a shelter can use. ️

Here’s what to do: go to the link below (the most recent ‘On the Fly...DIY video), like, subscribe, then in the comments, name your favorite shelter. Next Sunday, we’ll count up all the subscriber​-only​ comments and the shelter named most wins!

Please note, only no-kill, brick-and-mortar 501c3 shelters ​in the greater STL area ​are eligible.

Contest runs from now til this Saturday night, June 22nd at midnight​ CST​!

Here's your video link: like, subscribe, and comment!

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