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Yes - THANK YOU SO VERY CRAZY MUCH THAT I CAN'T EVEN!!! 'On The Fly...DIY' will be three years old in July and I can't even tell you how surprised I am at the direction it's taken. The brilliant idea of my voice over coach, Moneen Daley of Mo'Vibes Voice Overs, she simply said, "You know what you should do? Combine your DIY hobby with voice over. Make video tutorials and then voice them." I thought it was perfect and a unique way to showcase a finished product to a potential VO client. I'd be able to offer more than just 'here's my demo'. What I didn't realize (at all, seriously) is that this might appeal to more than just potential clients and supportive friends. People actually began watching...SUBSCRIBING...and sharing. Video #2 enjoyed my first sponsor - Friar Tucks in Crestwood, MO. Video #5 was the first of many sponsorships with Rust-Oleum. When the Vortex Water Feature video was posted on Reddit, it garnered more views that I'd ever imagined! To date, the views on that video alone are at over 770K and continue to climb. The channel's currently at over 918K. And that's just on YouTube. The videos are also on Amazon Video and Hometalk racking up views. I'm both floored and beyond grateful!!!!! At the beginning of 2019, I decided to redirect slightly. The monthly deposits from Google Adsense, Amazon Video, and Amazon Affiliates - mind-blowingly amazing that this was also a thing - were helping to cover project costs. But I'd been aching to do more with the animal rescue community. My newsfeed is full of strays looking for foster families or homes, shelters asking for donations and volunteers, and - the toughest ones to see - actual footage of local heroes out there rescuing abused animals. Ugh, my heart. So I thought, why not use the channel and its income for this purpose? I began working with a WONDERFUL organization, Pound Pals Nooterville Program (tell me that's not the most awesome name ever!) and sending monthly donations from the channel's revenue. I've also been able to donate to other organizations, such as the ASPCA and Randy's Rescue Ranch.

A truckload of feed for Randy's Rescue Ranch:

Your views, clicks, subscriptions, and following the affiliate links in the video descriptions continue to help raise money for no-kill animal shelters and rescue programs. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support! Pound Pals Nooterville provides low to no cost spays and neuters for both dogs and cats. Dogs can have two litters a year with 6-10 puppies per litter. Cats can have three litters a year with 4-6 kittens per litter. Cats can go into heat and get pregnant by 4 months old and dogs by five months old. Imagine the exponential growth in population when you think of all those babies having babies of their own! 10 million animals enter overcrowded shelters every year. 4-6 million of those are put down. In fact, euthanasia is the number one killer of companion animals - more than any other disease! That's why it's SO important to spay and neuter. Fix ONE SINGLE animal and you have saved hundreds to thousands of potential future lives. YOU! Saving so many baby lives!

Please consider donating directly to Pound Pals Nooterville here: They are a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer program.

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