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Easy Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Home décor with hand lettering, calligraphy, and stencils are unavoidable on the internet and in stores. Whether on a wall sign or a chalkboard, fonts and style combinations are endless. Even if you don’t have a steady hand and flawless brush strokes, you can still create the look yourself in no time.

This episode of On The Fly…DIY is sponsored in part by Rust-Oleum.

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You'll need:

* Spray paint - Rust-Oleum very generously supports small time bloggers (people like me) and their paints are top notch so I highly recommend them!

First, spray paint your plywood. I’m using my favorite Rust-Oleum 2X Paint and Primer in Stone Gray. Spray over a drop cloth and allow to dry.

Next, edit and print your design. You can either use a cool website like for a quick and easy text picture or download all kinds of free fonts from or to use in an office software program.

EDIT: Thank you, Emma R. for sending me another great resource - - these also have free-for-commercial-use fonts!

In either case, print out your text picture in your desired size. Printing in black and white ensures your text is as sharp as possible for easy copying.

Place a piece of carbon paper, carbon side down, on your painted plywood...

...and your text print out on top of that. Tape down so there’s no accidental shifting during the copying process.

Outline all of your text with a pencil. Press hard to ensure a good transfer.

Time to color in the lines! Use the chalk pen to fill in your outline.

With two coats, the pen covers the tracing marks so no one will know that you didn’t just masterfully write out perfect calligraphy!

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