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From Tool Box to...Makeup Organizer?

Flip. Upcycle. Redesign. It all points to a fresh perspective to traditional use. And the best ones make you exclaim, "I've seen that item a thousand times but I've never imagined using it this way before!" Doors open up, light floods in, angels sing (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit), and *boom* - you've given something a fun, new life. Enter: Small Parts Tool Box Organizer.

Here's what you need: * Small Parts Tool Box Organizer * Spray Paint * Shelf paper, contact paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, etc - something to line the bottom of the drawers

* Scissors

Optional: * Labels * Hot glue gun * Small knobs or handles

You've seen them. Almost every home improvement store carries them new and they pop up in yard sales and thrift stores, too. Lots of little equally-sized drawers for keeps nails, screws, bits, hooks, and other tool needs neatly organized. Don't get me wrong, I love tidy tools...but those perfect little drawers have so much potential! Using them only for tools would be like holding them back from greatness. Since I do modeling and on-camera work, I saw other possibilities for these tool boxes - make up, beauty products, and jewelry.

Obviously, the black and yellow color scheme was a bit too 'construction zone' for me (or I at least try and not think of my face that way) so changing that was the key to changing the entire feel of the drawers. I'm obsessive with grays right now so I used four different shades for the drawers to create an ombre look. Make sure you use a spray paint rated for the tool box drawer material (in my case, plastic) to ensure paint adhesion. I adore Rust-Oleum's 2X Paint and Primer and not just because they help sponsor my YouTube DIY channel. The paint sprays very evenly so I need fewer coats (and subsequently, the can lasts much longer) and the well-designed button doesn't cause finger fatigue. Love it!

Once the paint is dry, you are ready to line the drawers. Since my drawers were all the same size (except for the previously yellow drawers in one and the large tray drawer at the bottom of both), I created a template out of an index card so I could cut out a bunch of pieces and easily slide them into place.

Now the tool box matches my obsessively gray decor and they don't look like they should be holding nails and screws. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, facial serums, spot treatments, nail polish, eye creams, and so much more can be organized and exactly where I want them!

Optional - add little knobs as pulls with hot glue or labels so you know where everything is!

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