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Upside Down Planters

Incorporating plants into your home décor is a hot trend this year. And we aren’t talking about a simple potted plant on a side table. These upside down planters are eye-catching, unexpected, and conversation starters and you can put one together in just minutes!

You’ll need: (affiliate link proceeds donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations)

First, remove the bottom surface of the candle holder. Mine has a piece of felt and a circle of cardboard. The inside is hollow.

Use the smaller drill bit to make two hanging holes near the bottom of the candle holder.

Then use the larger bit to make a hole in the center of the top.

Carefully clean the dirt off of the roots of your plant.

Gently insert the roots into the hole.

Cut your sponge so it’s larger than the diameter of the candle holder then cut a slit halfway through.

Use the chopstick to push the sponge down into the candle holder.

You’ll want to work it in so the slit surrounds the roots. The sponge will hold the plant in place so it doesn’t fall back through the hole. It will also absorb any extra water that might make it through the dirt.

Once the sponge is in place, fill the candle holder with enough dirt so the roots are covered and they have ample room to grow. Press down gently to pack it in.

Run the wire through the smaller holes to hang the plant.

Spritz the surface of the dirt with a little water every couple of days, depending on the type of plant you use.

Since these varieties don’t need a lot of water, you won’t be adding enough to saturate the dirt and cause dripping out of the bottom.

Watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial here:

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