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Build a Moveable Room Divider

Large open concept rooms can make it hard to create clear zoning and separation for the various tasks done there.

Especially if you’re using that room for an online meeting. Yikes…

And those backgrounds don’t exactly look realistic.

The solution? A moveable room divider.

You’ll need: (do your Amazon shopping for materials at this link to help raise monthly donations to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations)

* 2x2s and 1x4s

* Lath – these are 4 feet long but you can get lath in various lengths

* Four swivel caster wheels

* A miter saw, safety glasses, a drill and bits for pilot holes and screws, 1 and a quarter inch screws, measuring tape, a level, and a sanding block.

* A drop cloth and paint or stain – I’m going to be painting the frame with Rust-Oleum’s metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze and then leaving the lath natural for a nice contrast.

First, cut the wood with a miter saw. You’ll need two 2x2s at 6 feet long and two 1x4s at 2 feet long.

You’ll also need four 2x2s cut at 9 inches long with 45 degree angles at both ends – these will serve as braces.

Sand all cut surfaces as well as any other rough spots with the sanding block.

Clean off any sawdust and spray paint over a drop cloth. Allow to fully dry.

Once dried, lay out the two six-foot 2x2s.

Lay one piece of lath so that the ends both cover and align with the tops of the 2x2s.

To attach, always drill a pilot hole first to keep the wood from splitting and follow with a screw.

Do the same thing on the other side.

To ensure the 2x2s remain perfectly parallel, add a piece of lath to the very bottom following the same process. This piece will come off later.

Place the next piece of lath on the 2x2s the same way. Using a scrap piece of 1x4 as a spacer, butt the lath up against the 1x4, then drill the pilot hole and secure with a screw.

Do the same thing on the other side.

Continue using the 1x4 spacer as you add lath so the space between the boards are exactly the same.

When you get towards the bottom, remove the temporary piece of lath and place one of the braces on the 2x2.

Use the 1x4 as a guide to ensure the 2x2 and the brace both end at the same place. Use a level to make sure the 1x4 is standing straight and that the pieces all butt up against each other.

Drill a pilot hole and secure in place with a screw.

Add a brace to the other side following the same process.

Once the brace is in place, continue adding lath until you run into the brace or run out of room for more lath.

Remove the two braces…then flip over to add lath to the other side.

Add lath to the other side following the same process.

Once all of the lath is in place on both sides, stand the room divider up against a wall and replace both braces where you had them attached before. The existing holes will make this step much easier and faster.

With the two braces attached on the front, carefully stand the room divider up straight. Use the level to ensure everything is perfectly vertical...

and attach the back braces.

Find dead center of the 1x4s and drill a pilot hole in each.

Add two caster wheels to one side of each of the 1x4s. These should be relatively close to the edges of both ends.

Turn the room divider over on its side and drill a pilot hole into the middle of the 2x2’s bottom end. Do this on both 2x2s.

Place the 1x4 up against the end of the 2x2 so that both pilot holes line up. Run a screw through the 1x4 and into the 2x2 through the pilot holes.

Flip the room divider over to the other side and follow the same process to secure the other 1x4.

Once both screws are in, stand the room divider back upright on its wheels.

Secure all four braces into the 1x4s.

Now let’s roll this into place.

Goodbye, terrible Zoom backgrounds!

And hello to a well-zoned open concept room!

Watch the easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorial below:

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