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Tension Wire Trellis

I love this project because it provides an instant impact to an otherwise bare spot and it literally takes MINUTES. If you've got a wood privacy fence that's in desperate need of a focal point, build this easy Tension Wire Trellis! You'll need:

* Power screwdriver or drill

* 2" to 2.5" outdoor rated screws (I used 9 total)

* Tension wire (found at my local home improvement store)

* Small wire for binding

* Strong wire snips

* Spray paint and a drop cloth The tension wire is easily pliable and because of its natural curl from packaging, I went with a design that it could easily conform to.

Starting at one side of the design, run a screw into the fence. It needs to be enough to anchor it but not enough to run it through to the other side. The length of the screw will hold the trellis away from the fence and give climbing vines ample room to wrap around and grow.

Use your small wire to wrap around just under the screw head and your tension wire. (A loose wrap will allow you to stage your design and then remove the wire to spray paint your pieces.) Continue to lay the tension wire out, drilling screws regularly to support your shape and keep it from laying against the fence.

When you get towards the bottom, dig a little dirt away from the point where the tension wire will be so this end can sit just under the surface. Remember to call 811 or your local utilities before digging any deeper than the surface to ensure no buried lines are disturbed.

Use your wire snips to cut the end and stick it in the ground where you moved your surface dirt.

Run another line of wire in a mirror image to duplicate the first wire, drilling screws in at the same mirror image points for a symmetrical look.

When you are happy with the design, carefully remove the loosely-fit binding wires and spray paint. Once dry, remount on the screws and wrap well until it feels that your tension wire is securely fastened to the screw.

Plant climbing vines below so they grow in a pretty shape or leave it as it is to catch eyes and compliments!

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