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It's not what you's WHERE you get it

It's amazing how the same item can quickly become expensive when used for one purpose...yet much more reasonably priced when used for another purpose. Take wall mounted magnetic knife holders. I've been wanting one but I haven't been able to bring myself to actually *pay* sticker price. I was in Ikea the other night (and I LOOOOOOOOOVE Ikea). They carry a nice 12'' black finish one for $12.99 ($2.00 more for the stainless steel finish). I hauled one around for about two hours before I put it back as I just couldn't justify $12.99 for a long magnet.

I prefer the term, 'frugal' ('cuz I know what you're thinking...)

The next day, I happened into a Harbor Freight (another fun store) for something completely different and I thought, "I wonder if they carry long magnets...". And guess what? They do! With that 20% off coupon you get in the mail and in flyers, I paid $3.99 for an 18", black finish magnet.

Same item. One was packaged and labeled with the kitchen in mind, the other with the workbench in mind. I even got more length with the workbench version. And the money I saved can be put towards yet another project (or better knives...).

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